$85 Peak Performance Plan

Tune Up Your Air Conditioner With Our Peak Performance Plan

Just like a car needs an oil change and new tires, your A/C is a significant investment, and you want to make sure it’s running efficiently. That’s why Andgar created the Peak Performance Plan. Sign up for our semi-annual maintenance program, and you can receive a $30 discount on your first service, and lock in our special low $85 rate for maintenance on the life of that unit.

Call (360) 366-9900 to Sign Up For The Peak Performance Plan!

Even if you have multiple heating or air conditioning units in your home, the same low $85 rate applies for that second or third gas or electric system. The savings add up fast!

We’ll even automatically call you every six months to schedule your next appointment.

Save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your air conditioner by keeping it running in tip-top condition. Sign up for Andgar’s Peak Performance Plan today by calling us at (360) 366-9900 or email us at the bottom of the page.

Watch A Peak Performance Plan A/C Service

  • 15% Off Any Non-Preventative Repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service/No Overtime
  • Reduced Diagnostic Fees
  • Automatic Scheduling Calls
  • Priority Status for Emergencies

Limited Time Financing
Make staying at home more comfortable for your family with $0 down, 0% interest financing for 72 months on all Andgar heating & cooling equipment. Contact us to learn more.
Andgar Peak Performance Plan
Andgar's Peak Performance Plan keeps your HVAC running smooth and saves you money on repairs.

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