Ductless Heating & Cooling Installation

Instead of paying to heat and cool your entire home—especially the rooms you rarely use—ductless systems heat and cool individual places where your family gathers, helping you to manage your energy costs better.

A ductless system only requires a small opening in the wall of your home to connect the outdoor and indoor units. Installation is simple, with no messy renovations. They can be mounted anywhere in the room: in the ceiling or on a wall, making them ideal for bedrooms, office spaces, studios, or home additions.

You control the temperature with an easy to use wireless controller, and the unit senses differentials throughout the room and makes automatic adjustments to keep you comfortable.

Andgar offers financing for heat pumps through Twin Star and Wells Fargo on our Discounts and Financing page.

  • Save money on your energy bill by choosing which rooms to heat or cool
  • Cleaner indoor air, especially during wildfire season
  • No lost space in rooms
  • Reduces allergens in your home
  • Uses less energy, more environmentally friendly
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Mitsubishi Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

Mitsubishi Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

Andgar features ductless systems from Mitsubishi because of their long track record of quality and reliability.

  • Energy Star ® qualified
  • Efficiency ratings as high as 30 SEER
  • Very quiet
  • Filter system to reduce odors and allergens
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Daikin Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

Daikin Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems

Daikin sells a variety of heating and cooling mini-split ductless systems to fit your family’s needs.

  • Energy Star ® qualified
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Ideal for rooms with poor air flow
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