Heat Pumps

Heating & Cooling In One Unit

How would you like to have one HVAC unit to keep your family comfortable, whether it’s 38° or 83°? Today’s heat pumps are considered the most efficient and effective heating in the market. They are both environmentally friendly and friendly to your wallet.

Heat pumps take warm or cold air from the outside and use a fan to pump it into your house at the desired temperature. Simultaneously, it’s taking air from inside your home that’s either too hot or too cold and blowing it back outside.

Heat pumps are 3x more energy efficient than an electric furnace because they aren’t using electricity or gas to heat or cool the air. As a result, the average homeowner can save up to $900 per winter by utilizing a heat pump instead of turning on their furnace.

Andgar offers financing for heat pumps through Twin Star and Wells Fargo on our Discounts and Financing page.

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