Emergency Furnace & Air Conditioning Repair

Like a trusted family member, Andgar is there whenever you need us.

Emergencies don’t always happen between 8-5 on weekdays. That’s why our Service Department is available 24-7.

You can reach us after hours Monday-Friday or on weekends at (360) 366.9900. Overtime charges may apply.

We know no one likes unexpected equipment failure, and one way of preventing those emergencies is by having your HVAC system tuned up on a regular basis. With our $85 Peak Performance Plan, our certified service technicians visit your home each year to inspect and perform routine maintenance on your heating or cooling system. Additionally, in the event of emergency failure, our Peak Performance Plan members receive discounted prices on repairs and emergency service with no overtime charges.

If you have a gas line emergency, call your utility from outside your home.

Andgar Peak Performance Plan
Andgar’s Peak Performance Plan keeps your HVAC running smooth and saves you 15% on all repairs.


Puget Sound Energy
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Cascade Natural Gas
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