$85 Peak Performance Plan

Protect your HVAC investment and maximize its performance.

Just like a car needs a tune up and an oil change, you want to make sure your home heating and cooling system is running efficiently and is ready for whatever the weather brings to NW Washington.

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When Andgar performs an initial service on your gas furnace or air conditioning system, you can receive an immediate discount by prepaying for the next service on the same unit.

In addition to receiving $30 off on your current bill, you’ll also lock in a guaranteed $85 rate for future services on the same furnace or air conditioner. That’s a $30 savings for each future service we perform for that unit.

If you have multiple HVAC units in your home, you can receive the same benefits of the Peak Performance Plan for each one of your systems. Receive $30 off the initial service per piece of equipment and an $85 guaranteed rate for each future service on that unit. The savings add up fast!

We’ll even call you automatically in six months to schedule your next appointment to ensure you receive the benefits of an HVAC system which uses energy efficiently and reduces the chance of emergency equipment failure.

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  • 15% Off Any Non-Preventative Repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service w/ No Overtime
  • Reduced Diagnostic Fees
  • Automatic Calls Scheduling Calls
  • Priority Status for Emergencies
Andgar Peak Performance Plan
Andgar’s Peak Performance Plan keeps your HVAC running smooth and saves you money on repairs.

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