Home Cooling

Comfortably Cool Inside on the Hottest Days of Summer

A home cooling system, designed for the special way your house was built can provide the perfect balance of not too hot, not too cold, but just right. 

No melted popsicles this summer!




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Your A/C or Heat Pump is a hardworking component in your household. In fact, did you know that up to 40% of your energy bill is dedicated to just how efficient and well-maintained your cooling system is and how well your heating and cooling systems work together?

Andgar Mechanical's estimators, installers, and technicians work on behalf of our Whatcom & Skagit county customers to make sure your money goes toward efficiently designed and correctly installed cooling systems, professional and personable service, and loads of technical expertise.

Our work is always backed by Andgar's 50-year tradition of trustworthiness and integrity with regard to our workmanship and our customer relationships. It's our duty to make sure your cooling system operates properly and safely. 

Home Cooling System Decisions

With such a variety of home cooling options on the market, it's hard to understand where the juncture of most energy-efficient, and best value for your money,  meet up with the style of the cooling system that works best in the type of home you have. It's important to know that factors like these play into making the right choices in home cooling:

  • Amount of square footage you need to cool
  • Do you want to cool the whole house evenly, or mainly just a few rooms?
  • The type of cooling system you currently have, if any, and how it is configured in conjunction with your heating system
  • What matters most to you?

    • energy efficiency & environmental factors
    • annual cost-to-operate
    • upfront installation cost 

Certain homes can save money and energy by converting to heat pump systems, others keep costs low with single-room ductless cooling or additional separate cooling units. Andgar Mechanical's home comfort specialists are experts at assessing your home. We'll help you understand the cooling system choices available based on your unique dwelling and your cooling priorities during an in-home assessment where we provide customized estimates on home cooling options that meet your needs.

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