Enhance your Heating & Cooling System

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Protect and upgrade your HVAC system with these product enhancements to help keep your home safe and your HVAC system working smarter.

  • Improve the longevity and efficiency of your heating & cooling equipment
  • Stay protected and connected with safety notifications and power surge protections
  • Upgrade the quality of circulated air in your home

Ask your Andgar Home Comfort Service Technician or Air Quality Specialist about installing any of these upgrades to your HVAC system today!

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Air Quality HVAC Enhancements

Carbon Air Filter in 1

Carbon Air Filter

HVAC System Filter 1"-5" depth
  • Controls odor and dust
  • One of the most effective options for wildfire smoke filtration
  • Odorous gasses and vapors are attracted to and held by unique properties of activated carbon material
  • Resists absorption of water & is electrostatically charged to capture airborne allergens
Respicare Microclean Electronic Air Cleaner offered by Andgar Home Comfort

Respicare Microclean

Electronic Air Cleaner
  • Provides low static & high loading capacity for 1" filtration systems
  • 95% efficient - particle collection down to 0.01 microns
  • Easy to keep clean and maintained
  • Effective for smoke removal
Respicare Ion Plasma System offered by Andgar Home Comfort

Respicare Ion Plasma System

HVAC Evaporative Coil Upgrade
  • Help control and prevent the buildup of contaminants on your HVAC system's evaporative coils
  • No replacement parts are required
  • Helps treat dust smoke and other particulates in your home's air
REME Halo offered by Andgar Home Comfort

REME® Halo

Technician Trusted & Recommended
  • Uses RGF's patented REME® Cell Technology with UV-C light to create low-level hydrogen peroxide air cleaning
  • Actively reduces pollutants at the source of HVAC air circulation, ensuring excellent indoor air quality.
  • 5-year ballast / 2 year cell warranty
Reme Halo LED offered by Andgar Home Comfort


Upgraded Longevity
  • Same Cleaning benefits as the REME® Halo
  • Turns on and off with your HVAC system fan
  • Zero ozone creation
  • LED UV-C cell lasts up to 5 years
  • 7-year ballast / 4-year cell warranty
Air Scrubber Advanced NASA Technology offered by Andgar Home Comfort

Air Scrubber

NASA Certified Space Technology
  • Reduces airborne contaminants
  • Cleans surfaces that are in contact with home air
  • 5-year ballast / 2-year cell warranty


Soft Start Kit for A/C or Heat Pump offered by Andgar Home Comfort

Soft Start Kit

Safety in HVAC System Restart
  • Helps prevent light flicker when A/C or Heat Pump starts up or restarts
  • Reduces system startup noise
  • Uses smart technology to help improve HVAC system compressor's run life
  • Increases backup generator efficiency
  • Comes with a 1-year part warranty
Surge Protector for HVAC Equipment offered by Andgar Home Comfort

Surge Protector

Stormy night protection
  • Protect your home's HVAC equipment from power surges and power fluxuations
  • Peace of mind during stormy weather
  • $7,500 connected device protection coverage
  • 3-year part warranty
Wireless First Alert CO & Fire Alarm  offered by Andgar Home Comfort

CO & Fire Alarm

Advanced Safety Technology
  • Wireless photoelectric smoke and CO alarm
  • Voice alarm with up to 11 programmable locations
  • Single button test and silence
  • Provides audible notification when alarm needs to be replaced