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Peak Performance Plumbing Inspection & Maintenance Program


Whole-home peace of mind about the seen, and unseen parts of your entire plumbing system.


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What's Included?

Inspection & Inventory

We will complete a detailed whole-home inspection and inventory report. Homeowners receive a verbal debrief and a written copy with photo evidence of each inspection, showing the condition of each item and all important equipment readings/settings.

Emergency Shut-offs

Annually we will inspect and tag all emergency shut-offs for proper working order and show you the location of each valve. We will shut off the main valve to the home, cold water inlet to water heater, etc. to be certain all are functional and can be turned off properly in the case of an emergency.

Water Pressure

Water pressure can be a sign of plumbing system health. We will check and record houshold water pressure. Too high water pressure can damage certain plumbing components or cause potential rupturing of pipes. We will discuss optimal pressure with homeowner.

Water Tank

Each water tank will be inspected for proper operation, including temperature, relief valve, expansion tank pressure and operation while searching for leaks. We will ensure all plumbing and wiring connections are secure, and that overflow drainage works properly. For gas heaters, we will inspect the flue vent for proper operation, check for CO leaks, and inspect the burner assembly.

Faucets & Drains

We will visually inspect all faucets and drains for leaks, corrosion, clogs and proper flow. All aerators will be removed and cleaned. Inspection of drains includes all sinks, tubs, and showers.


We will visually inspect and test each toilet and its water supply. We will perform a leak dye test for each toilet.

Washing Machine

We will visually inspect washing machine hoses, and make sure they are tightend properly, noting any wear or signs of bursting.

Pumps & Filtration

We will visually inspect sump pump for proper operation. Any homes using cisterns or well water includes inspection of all pumps and filtration systems.


We will visually inspect sewage ejection systems for proper working order, in homes where they are present.


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