Air Conditioning Installation for Western Washington Homes

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The Efficiency Advantage of Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems represent the pinnacle of cooling efficiency. No more battling with  room-specific units– with central AC you can ensure an even and comfortable temperature throughout your entire home. You’ll notice the difference as your system operates less frequently while still keeping your home perfectly cool.

With an average lifespan of 10-15 years, modern central air systems outlast window units by many years, making them a smart long-term investment for savvy homeowners in search of an air conditioning upgrade.

If you want to investigate upgrading your window unit to a long-lasting, energy-efficient air conditioning system, Andgar Home Comfort Specialists are ready to answer your questions and quote the right AC unit for your home.

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Enhance Home Security with Central AC

In Western Washington, installing central air conditioning isn’t just about staying comfortable—it's also a step towards enhancing your safety and home security. Say goodbye to worries about open windows or window-mounted units attracting unwanted attention. With central AC, you can keep your home tightly secured, while enjoying a cool oasis all summer long.

Central AC can:

  • Enhance your home security by providing the ability to close and lock windows, minimizing many hot weather vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain a consistently cool environment throughout your home, without compromising safety.

Boost your Home's Market Value

Western Washington used to be considered one of the least air-conditioned places in the United States! Now, we’re witnessing a surge in air-conditioned homes, particularly those equipped with central AC. This trend is fueled by recent scorching summers, like that of 2021, where temperatures soared into the 90’s and 100’s for prolonged periods. Homeowners are increasingly installing central air conditioning to combat these uncomfortable heatwaves in the future.

It’s not only about comfort. Home sellers are  reaping the rewards as well, with increased resale values on homes boasting central cooling systems.

These systems:

  • Adapt to the climate by using central AC to stay ahead of rising temperatures and unpredictable weather.
  • Are a long term investment in your home’s future value. 

When considering air conditioning installation, it's also worth evaluating the benefits of a heat pump system. Offering efficient heating and cooling, heat pumps are an excellent, all-season solution for your home's climate control needs.

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